Robert Meisenecker

Computer Scientist

Makes his living with software development and as project lead of software projects.

Practices his skills in maker disciplines lasercutting, 3d printing and microcontrollers and studies information disorders of the digital age.

Spends his spare time with absurd, technical projects that have to be done because otherwise nobody else would do them.

Welcome to my Homepage!

You are fortunate to visit my homepage right now and not earlier. I just replaced my dusted and cluttered retro homepage of the 90s by a newer one.

Now that the old stuff is gone, just up-to-date information is waiting for you:

The rest of my digital identity is widely scattered across the internet. You can find links to these sub-identities on almost all pages of my web presence.

Finally I'd like to point you to my blogs Makenecker and Informanie where I am writing about maker disciplines and information dysfunctions.

I hope you'll have fun when exploring my webpage!

Robert Meisenecker